5 Best Ben Wa Balls of 2020

Best Ben Wa Balls Reviewed in 2020

5 Best Ben Wa Balls of 2020

Ben wa balls are a great way to exercise your kegel muscles with very little thought or effort. I remember when I learned how to do Kegels on my own, I would do them often. If I was sitting at the doctor's, bored out of my mind, I'd start exercising. No one could see me clenching my pelvic floor muscles, it was a great way to pass the time, and I got a lot of benefits out of it. What are the benefits of doing kegel exercises, you might be asking yourself. Well, it strengths your pelvic floor, which aids in bladder and colon control, as well as birth, and it can help you achieve stronger orgasms! When I first started exercising my pelvic floor, it was solely for the sex benefits, and I did it without the aid of ben wa balls. Since then, I have discovered the wide world of kegel exercisers, and I am rarely caught out and about without one in place.

Best Overall

1. Je Joue Ami 3 Step Luxury Kegel Balls Set

1. Je Joue Ami 3 Step Luxury Kegel Balls Set

While the Je Joue Ami 3 Step Luxury Kegel Balls Set may look simple enough, but it is one of the best, most versatile beginner sets on the market. It comes with two barbells and a single ball. Je Joue does not slack in luxury or function of these vaginal balls. They are presented in a beautiful, well-made cardboard box, that can be used for storage. If you do not want to use the box for storage, you can use the satin bag which is included in your purchase. These are made with body-safe silicone and ABS plastic, they are safe to use with any lubricant and are (of course) waterproof. Every piece on this set includes a strong, ergonomic retrieval loop, that makes removal incredibly easy. Even though these have strong retrieval cords, please do not use them anally as they can become easily lost in your rectum.

While you may be thinking that the smaller barbell is the beginner's kegel ball, but you would be wrong. The ben wa ball you will start with when using this kit is the Ami 1, which is the largest, single ball. The beginner's ball weighs 1.7 ounces and has a girth of a little over four inches. The second step-up will be the middle-sized ball, the Ami 2, weighs 2.8 ounces and has a girth of almost four inches. While the final step, the Ami 3, has a weight of 3.7 ounces and a girth of just over three and a half inches. The point of a set like this is to start with something that weighs a little bit with the biggest girth so that it fits comfortably in the vaginal canal. Then you will slowly work your way up to the smallest and heaviest Ami, which weighs more and does not fit snugly in the vagina. The point of this is to slowly get your body used holding onto something and having a small amount of weight, then move upwards to your body being more responsible for holding onto to device and adding weight.

The Je Joue Ami 3 Step Luxury Kegel Balls Set is the best set on the market for anyone looking to get into ben wa balls. Many kegel sets come with interchangeable balls and a sling to put them in, while this one has three separate balls and barbells for use as you work your way up. This is the best set of vaginal balls for anyone new to Kegel exercises looking to tone up your pelvic floor, increase your sexual sensitivity, and intensify your orgasms. Using these ben wa balls regularly can help you achieve all that and more. The best part of this set is the free-moving, jiggle balls. Jiggle balls move as you move and will trick your body into thinking something is falling out of you and cause you to clench your pelvic floor muscles without thinking about it. The jiggle balls will also help you to keep your mind on your vaginal canal, and this helps to keep a lot of people with vaginas wet and their thoughts on dirty things - which could help to increase your sex drive. 


If you are new to kegel balls, the Je Joue Ami 3 Step Luxury Kegel Balls Set is the best place to start. Even if you are not new, they are an amazing set of vaginal exercisers to have. It is a three-piece set that helps you to move up to the next level easily and without a thought about where you are going once you finish the first step. They are easy to pull out and put into place, and they are comfortable to use for long periods. I recommend this set to anyone looking for a luxurious way to tone up their pelvic floor muscles.

Best for Electro-Stim

2. ElectraStim Lula Noir Silicone Kegel Balls with E-Stim

2. ElectraStim Lula Noir Silicone Kegel Balls with E-Stim

Electrostimulation causes targeted muscles to clench up when shocked by the slight amount of electricity that most electro-stim toys provide. The ElectraStim Lula Noir Silicone Kegel Balls with E-Stim is a kegel ball trainer that targets your pelvic floor muscles and directly stimulates them for stronger, longer-lasting orgasms. Not only do they help you work your kegel muscles via the electric stimulation, but they also have a free-roaming jiggle ball and can be used without the remote (which is not included). You can harness the best of both worlds by using this ben wa ball inside and outside of the bedroom. It is made of medical-grade silicone and has electrostimulation attachments that connect to the remote. It weighs just a little over three ounces and has a girth just a little over four and a half inches, making it perfect for intermediate and beginner users alike.

For the best results with the ElectraStim Lula Noir Silicone Kegel Balls with E-Stim, you should use it with the ElectraStim power unit (that is bought separately). While you can use it without the added zap, you will get the most use out of it by using it the way it was designed. You cannot use the electrical currents while you are out running errands, but you can use the jiggle balls, and when you get home you can use the electro-stim remote for a truly thrilling and effective internal workout. The subtle electrical currents cause your pelvic floor muscles to contract. If you are going to pair it with the remote, you should insert it before switching it on and then start on the lowest setting. If you wish to test out the subtle electric shocks before inserting it, grip the top of the toy, be sure to make contact with all sides, and test it like that first. Depending on how sensitive your pelvic floor muscles may be, the lowest setting may feel like a gentle throbbing, but many people are unable to feel anything on this setting. You will want to slowly increase the intensity until you can feel something and then experiment with what feels best.

The ElectraStim Lula Noir Silicone Kegel Balls with E-Stim is best used with a generous amount of lubricant because it aids in insertion and helps to improve the conductivity of the electrical current. Unlike the Je Joue barbells, this ben wa ball only has a free-roaming jiggle ball in the top portion, while the bottom ball features to electro-conductive contacts. This combination helps to make the ElectraStim Lula Noir Silicone Kegel Balls with E-Stim very easy and pleasurable to use either way. Considering the size, if you try to orgasm with this ben wa ball in place, you may find it being pushed out, but you can use this as another way to work out your pelvic floor. Another way to use this is to gently pull on the retrieval loop while trying to keep it in place. This is a great alternative for when you get too used to wearing it as a normal kegel ball.


The ElectraStim Lula Noir Silicone Kegel Balls with E-Stim is amazing for those who want to take their kegel training to the next level. With the option to use the free-roaming ball or the electric stimulation, this is a fantastic set for anyone who has gotten the most out of traditional systems. If you choose this system, I recommend getting the remote as it is not included. While it is not completely waterproof, it is easy to use, easy to clean and can be used with all types of lube.

Best for Intermediate Users

3. Lelo Luna Beads Noir Kegel Balls 2.5oz

3. Lelo Luna Beads Noir Kegel Balls 2.5oz

The Lelo Luna Beads Noir Kegel Balls weighs two and a half ounces, has a four-inch circumference, and an insertable length of three inches. This is perfect for those who have been working on their kegel muscles and are looking for the next step. As you would expect with something that has no electronic parts, this kegel ball set is completely waterproof. It is made of safe body silicone and ABS plastic and comes in three pieces. The three pieces include two different balls, each weighing an ounce and a quarter, and a ball harness. The design of this vaginal weight set makes it incredibly easy to clean. And once you find that you are no longer making progress with the set, you can use the balls separate from the harness. The balls are made of ABS plastic, while the harness is the silicone part.

Lelo markets the Luna Kegel Balls as a sleek way to intensify your orgasms and improve muscle control. Like the previous vaginal exercisers, this one features free-roaming jiggle balls in each ball. These balls will bounce around as you move and create a sensation of something falling out of your body; this sensation will cause your body to involuntarily and subconsciously clench your kegel muscles. Not only does it help you to exercise your kegel muscles without thinking about it, but ben wa balls will also help to keep you aroused. The free-roaming balls feel very pleasurable and can help to keep your mind on naughty activities, helping to keep you wet and aroused through the entire day. This is a great option if you find yourself getting too stressed through the day to have sex later because they will also help you stay aroused rather than just making you think about it here and there. While this is not even the best benefit of using kegel balls, it is a great reason to pick them up and keep using them. Just be sure to use an adequate amount of lubricant with them. If you have never done kegel exercises, I recommend starting with something bigger and lighter. 

As with the previous options, the Lelo Luna Kegel Balls come with a strong pull cord, and they are easy to retrieve. If you choose to use the balls without the harness, you will have to find alternative ways to get the weights out of your body. 


The Lelo Luna Kegel Balls is a good option for anyone looking to explore both traditional, free-roaming ben wa balls and kegel balls in a sling for easy removal. These come in a beautiful box and make an amazing gift or treat for yourself. The included sling is made of silky smooth silicone and is easy to use. The balls are made of ABS plastic but are just as smooth as silicone and slide in easily. Using this set is not as easy as using the Je Joue Ami 3 Step Luxury Kegel Balls Set, because it requires a bit more thought, but it is just as versatile.

Best Design

4. Fifty Shades of Grey Tighten and Tense Silicone Jiggle Balls

4. Fifty Shades of Grey Tighten and Tense Silicone Jiggle Balls

The Fifty Shades of Grey Tighten and Tense Silicone Jiggle Balls are perfect for tightening and tense as you tone and tease. It will help you build strong pelvic floor muscles. Simply lube up the kegel balls and slip them inside you, you will feel your muscles squeeze around them, ensuring you will feel each bounce and roll as the free-roaming balls bounce around inside the ben wa balls. These vaginal balls are a single unit made of body-safe silicone. There are no seams or crevices that can make insertion uncomfortable or hide bacteria while cleaning. Cleaning is easy as mild soap and water, and you can use any lubricant you wish with it. The cute little "Fifty Shades of Grey" logo on the pull string is the only area on this device that is not smooth, silky silicone. 

As I said before, this set is completely encased in silicone and features a set of two small balls and a long retrieval cord. The total weight of both balls equals seventy grams, and this set is perfect for beginners. As you move about the internal, free-roaming balls will jiggle and roam, providing you with a sensation that increases your sensitivity to the feeling as well as reminds your body to subconsciously clench around the device, strengthening your vaginal muscles with little to no thought on your behalf. The amount of activity and walking you do daily will determine how effective ben wa balls are for you. If you sit at a desk for most of the day, a set like this will not work well for you. The retrieval cord is three and a half inches long and made of strong, resilient silicone to provide you with peace of mind during removal. Overall the entire Fifty Shades of Grey Tighten and Tense Silicone Jiggle Balls is six and a half inches, only four of those being the actual kegel balls. When it comes to circumference, it is four and a half inches around at the widest point - making it easy to hold in place for those new to this type of exercise.

Kegel balls like the Fifty Shades of Grey Tighten and Tense Silicone Jiggle Balls are fantastic to use during anal sex. Do not insert them anally, but if you have them inserted in the vaginal canal while having anal sex, it provides an extra element of delight. You and your partner can feel the free-roaming balls as you go at it. Add the sensation of anal sex, and maybe a clitoral vibrator, and you are in for a wild ride. Even taking the vaginal balls out while having anal sex can be amazing and add to your experience. Using ben wa balls during sex, or everyday wear does not have to be as simple as slipping them in and going about your day. 


The Fifty Shades of Grey Tighten and Tense Silicone Jiggle Balls is a cheaper alternative to the previous options and is made of a single sleeve of silicone for a sleek look and easy insertion. It does have a Fifty Shades of Grey logo on the retrieval cord, but it is small and not very noticeable if you do not care for the brand. I find the brand to be beautifully made but do not enjoy logos on my sex toys. There are no seams on this ben wa ball set, and it is perfect for beginners.

Best for the Price

5. First Time Love Balls Duo Lover Kegel Balls 1.6oz

5. First Time Love Balls Duo Lover Kegel Balls 1.6oz

If you are looking to explore vaginal exercisers without spending too much money, the First Time Love Balls Duo Lover Kegel Balls is a great place to start. Not only are they under fifteen dollars, but they are also easy to use, and it is made of a body-safe material. The balls themselves are made of firm ABS plastic, while the retrieval cord and the cord connecting the balls are made of a more pliable plastic tubing. While there is no internal motors or anything, the product page recommends that these ben wa balls are splashproof and not completely waterproof - which raises a red flag for me. These, like the Fifty Shades of Grey Tighten and Tense Silicone Jiggle Balls, have free-roaming balls that will stimulate you during wear. These ben wa balls help to increase your sex drive and the intensity of your orgasms. 

Wearing the First Time Love Balls Duo Lover Kegel Balls regularly is a simple, yet effective, way to tone your pelvic floor muscles. There are two balls connected by tubing and a strong retrieval cord. I found that the seam on the balls made insertion a little uncomfortable if you do not use enough lube. Furthermore, the cord between the two balls makes inserting the second ball a bit difficult, especially if you have a lot of lube on it. Overall, the First Time Love Balls Duo Lover Kegel Balls measures eight and a half inches with six and a half being insertable, and it has a four-inch circumference. They weigh a little over an ounce and a half, the weight and size of these vaginal balls make it perfect for beginners. The retrieval cord is strong, and removal is easy and quick. Personally, I do not like that they are made of silicone and I am not a fan of the tubing, but this is a fantastic option for anyone looking to explore kegel balls. Just remember, do not judge all kegel balls on the cheap few. 

I found that these are best to wear when doing housework or running errands. The long cord between the two balls makes it odd to use during sex. The loop on the end of the cord makes it easy to pull out of your body, but as I said before, the tubing is a bit stretchy and getting that second ball in is odd. 


The First Time Love Balls Duo Lover Kegel Balls is a great option for anyone looking to explore kegel balls but do not want to invest too much into them. While the tubing of the retrieval cord and cord connecting the balls is too flexible for my liking, it is easy to use and can be used with any lube. Sadly, this is only made of ABS plastic, and the product page says that it is not waterproof - which does not make any sense to me. This set is great for just seeing if you can handle having something in your vaginal canal for long periods of time, but not a great option for long term use.

Buying Guide

What Are Kegel Balls?

Kegel balls, or vaginal balls, help the user to strengthen their pelvic floor muscles. They have been used by many women over centuries and have been referred to by many different names. They are usually small, ball-shaped weights that are inserted into the vaginal canal and subconsciously trigger your muscles to contract. It is recommended that you start small and work your way up (not in size, but in weight and time). Begin by using your ben wa balls daily for a few minutes, and working your way up to more time and heavier weights until you get stronger. They come in a variety of options, including single units, slings, and loose balls. Choosing what system works best for you is based on what you want to achieve with your kegel balls. 

Where to Start

As you may have noticed above, kegel balls come in different weights, and the weight usually differs from one manufacturer to another. You will want to start with the smallest weight that you can squeeze and hold between your pelvic floor muscles. Some ben wa balls are available in sets that include a range that the company believes is inclusive and suited for progressing in exercise. A set as an option will allow you to start with whatever weight is most appropriate for you and progress to a heavier ball when you need to. If your kegel muscles are not toned, you may want to start with something light, in the range of twenty-eight to seventy-eight grams. This will help you get started on strengthening your pelvic floor. 

Personal Safety

When choosing kegel balls, you will want to take a few things into consideration for your own safety. First and foremost is the quality of the exerciser. Some ben wa balls are cheaply made and will deteriorate quickly. This leads me to be aware of what materials you are purchasing. Most trusted manufacturers use body-safe ABS plastic or silicone that are free of Phthalates. Depending on what sort of material you invest in will determine how you must clean your kegel balls. Vaginal balls with a non-porous surface are the safest and easiest to clean. They can often be boiled for sterilization. Exercise balls with detailed surfaces may be difficult to clean completely. 

What are the Benefits of Kegel Balls?

Usually, women come across the idea of kegel exercises to boost their sex life and increase the intensity of their orgasms. Strengthening your pelvic floor can cause your sensitivity to increase, your orgasms to grow stronger, and so much more. Benefits that many women do not realize until they begin doing these exercises is that it can help with recovery after delivery, it can improve your bladder control, and help to improve your overall reproductive health. It can even help to prevent vaginal prolapse! There are so many benefits to exercising your pelvic floor muscles, while many women only start to improve their sex life. 

Do Kegel Weights Really Work?

Yes! Kegel weights are like a personal gym for your vagina. I have tried all sorts of kegel weights, ben wa balls, vaginal trainers, and more to tone and strengthen my kegel muscles. Many manufacturers, especially those of cheap kegel weights, seem to lack an understanding of what one needs in order to train their pelvic floor. With some, you do not even get the free-roaming balls, which does not trigger your body to clench those muscles. Others are very effective and put a ton of research into their product. What I am saying is that whether they work or not is depending on what weights you purchase.


How do You Use Kegel Balls?

1. I find it is best to insert kegel balls after an orgasm or when you are in a relaxed mindset. If you put them in a while, your mind is wandering, and you may find it more difficult to get the full benefits from them. You will want to ensure that you have the right mindset before getting started as this can easily feel like a chore if you are not. 

2. Find a comfortable position, and I like to lay on my back and relax all your muscles. Insert the ball slowly into your vaginal canal using a good bit of lubricant. If you feel any pain – stop immediately. With some vaginal balls, this may be difficult to do, and it may take some practice. Remember to relax and take your time, getting used to inserting your ben wa balls will take time. 

3. Push the weight as far as you can comfortably go, listen to your body because it will tell you if you have gone too far. Try to remain relaxed while inserting the kegel balls, this can feel unfamiliar, and you may tense up. Just relax and start over. If you do not insert the balls far enough into your body, you will find them uncomfortable while wearing them. 

4. Squeeze your pelvic floor muscles around the kegel ball and try to get used to the feeling of it inside of you. Using a ben wa ball properly can help you to locate your kegel muscles properly. You may want to lightly tug on the retrieval cord while tensing up your pelvic floor muscles to see how it fits inside your body.

5. Once you have the kegel ball inside of you, try standing up and moving about. You may find that your pelvic floor is stronger than you expected, but if you find that your muscles are too weak - move up to a lighter ball. You may even find that you might be able to incorporate your kegel weights into your daily gym visit.

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