5 Best G-Spot Vibrators Of 2020

The best G-spot vibrators can become addictive and a very important part of your sex life!

5 Best G-Spot Vibrators Of 2020

If you are among the waves of women who have recently found their g-spot, I imagine that you are currently on the hunt for the best g-spot vibrators on the market. If you do not know where your g-spot is, take a moment to find it. About two knuckles deep into your vaginal canal, if you crook your fingers in an upward motion, you will find a spongy area. This is your g-spot.  You should play with it and decide if you prefer soft or firm pressure on it before continuing your search for the best g-spot vibrator. 

Once you know where your g-spot is and what type of stimulation you prefer, then you will want to look at the top five toys that I, personally, believe are the best g-spot vibrators on the market. Below you will find my suggestions for the best g-spot vibrators, why I find them so appealing, and how to use them! Before we begin, I want to note that all the toys on this list are 100% medical grade silicone and safe for internal use. Please do not put objects in your body that are not made for that purpose. 

Very Powerful Vibrations

1. Mona Wave by Lelo

1. Mona Wave by Lelo

As with all of Lelo’s products, the experience began with the packaging. The Mona Wave comes in the signature quality black, cardboard box. It comes with its charger, a storage bag, and a sample of Lelo lube. Everything about this g-spot vibrator is a luxurious adventure that you can’t find with other products, Lelo ensures that. If you have used any of their toys, you understand what I am talking about. If you have not, you are greatly missing out.

The Mona Wave is a luxury g-spot vibrator that features a unique 'come hither' motion. It measures at eight inches in length, with an insertable length of five and a half inches, and it has a diameter of one and a half inches. It features ten vibrations and pattern settings, with each having their adjustable power levels. However, the best part about the Mona Wave is that is rechargeable, has memory recall (that means it remembers the last setting you used), you can lock it for worry-free travel, and it is 100% waterproof. 

The shaft is curved upward at a 30-degree angle for optimal g-spot stimulation. This angle gently catches on the g-spot and does not latch onto the pubic bone. The silky smooth silicone makes for easy insertion with just a little lube, and the bulging head is perfect for sitting against your g-spot. Under the silicone coating, the Mona Wave is rigid and unforgiving, keep that in mind if you do not like firm pressure. Personally, I enjoyed it. 

The Mona Wave has a push button control type that is built into the handle. To turn on the device, you will press and hold the button in the center of the control panel. To change the settings, you use the up and down buttons to scroll through the patterns and vibration types or the left and right buttons to cycle through the intensity. As I mentioned before, if you find a setting you enjoy, you can turn the toy off and when you turn it back on it will be on the setting you last left it on. 

The ‘come-hither’ motion is not exactly like the real thing, but it is close enough to get the job done, and it is a unique feature that most toys do not have. The noise level is something that was a bit concerning, but nothing that can’t be covered up with the bathroom faucet or bedroom television. With the medium level of noise, you do get a ton of power, in any case. Even power lovers are sure to enjoy the Mona Wave. It provides a vibrating, ‘come-hither’ that no partner would be able to achieve without assistance. 

Without getting too far off topic, the options available on the Mona Wave include ‘come-hither’ with vibrations, slower ‘come-hither’ with a patterned vibration, ‘come-hither’ with a waved vibration, ‘come-hither’ with quick pulsing, ‘come-hither’ and inconsistent pulsing, ‘come-hither’ and no vibration, single vibration, vibration with ‘come-hither’ pattern, quick pulses, pulses and ‘come-hither’.


The Mona made number one on my list because it excels in every area. While it does come with the heaviest price tag, it is by far more than worth it. The Mona is entirely waterproof, does not require any batteries, and has the unique ‘come-hither’ motion that I have not found in any other g-spot toys. If you find that you do not enjoy or need the ‘come-hither’ motion every time you use this device, you can use a straight vibration mode, making this the most versatile g-spot toy on my list. It has the most powerful vibrations offered by any of the following g-spot toys and comes with a warranty, although the quality is more than reassuring.

Waterproof and Ergonomic Shape

2. Gigi 2 by Lelo

2. Gigi 2 by Lelo

If the ‘come-hither’ motion is not your thing, you may enjoy the Gigi 2 G-spot vibrator by Lelo. It is also waterproof and sculpted to massage your G-spot. The flat, broad head is perfect for pushing tight against the spongy area just inside your vaginal canal and letting the strong vibrations carry you to an intense orgasm. It is also rechargeable with two hours of charge, and you can get approximately four hours of play time. It is waterproof, whisper-quiet, and, as I mentioned above, comes in a gorgeous, signature Lelo box. 

When you open the box, there is a flap concealing the toy, and at the bottom of the container is another “box” that contains the charger, a silky storage bag, instruction booklet and warranty, and a sample packet of Lelo lube. Sadly, the foam insert is glued into the box so that you can use it for storage, but only for the Gigi 2 or smaller toys that can fit into the cut-out.

The Gigi 2 has eight vibrations and patterns, each with an adjustable power setting. It is six and a half inches long with four inches of that being insertable. The circumference of this g-spot vibrator is four inches and is much smaller than you would think. Like the Mona, the Gigi 2 has a round area at the base with built-in buttons. The up and down buttons cycle through the patterns, while the left and right buttons increase and decrease the intensity. Unfortunately, for the power lovers out there, that is the one department the Gigi 2 is lacking in. 

I did find that this g-spot vibrator did hook into my pubic bone more than I am comfortable with. Because of the sharp angle and the shape of the head, it can be uncomfortable to take out if you cum hard enough or are tight after an orgasm. I found that the best way to warm up for the awkward shape was to lay the curve of the Gigi 2 across my clit and have an external orgasm before slipping the Gigi 2 inside and finding my g-spot. 

The eight patterns you will find housed within the motor of the Gigi 2 include a constant speed (which is always my favorite with toys), slow, medium, and fast pulsating, slow and fast buzzing, long buzzing, and a random pattern. Sadly, the Gigi 2 does not have the memory feature that the Mona has, but it is still a fantastic g-spot vibrator.


The Gigi 2 did not make the top of the list, but it is one of my favorites. The thing that sets the Gigi 2 apart from the other g-spot vibrators on this list is that it has a broad head and that it is completely waterproof. I have found that broad g-spot stimulation is the best as my g-spot is a large spongy area just inside my vaginal canal. The vibrations carry well and do not dissipate when you bare down on the toy, which is something I do when I orgasm. I highly recommend this g-spot toy for people who know they prefer broad stimulation over pinpoint. 

Unique shape

3. Rave by We-Vibe 

3. Rave by We-Vibe 

Thus far I have only told you about Lelo toys, and I realize that it is unfair to all the other amazing brands out there. The We-Vibe Rave, like the other two, is rechargeable and provides you with approximately 120 minutes of play time. Unlike the other two, this g-spot vibrator is only splash-proof, which means you can get it wet, but you cannot completely submerge it. Due to the nature of the charging port, I have not tried the Rave in the shower because I am afraid of water getting into the inner workings of the g-spot toy. 

It measures in at a four and a half inch circumference, with a seven and a half overall length - four inches that is insertable. The Rave is operated by three buttons, a power button as well as an up and down button. The up and down buttons cycle through the ten vibration modes, but you can also connect to the We-Connect app for a more personalized experience - the possibilities on the app are endless. Another unique feature about the Rave is that it has an asymmetrical shape. It has a soft edge that twists and widens. The pictures do not do The We-Vibe Rave any justice. 

Despite all the features we have gone over, the deep rumbling vibrations are the best thing about this g-spot toy. If you are like me, and buzzing vibrations only frustrate you, the We-Vibe Rave is the perfect toy to satisfy your needs. Many women do not find buzzy vibrations to be powerful enough to get them off internally. This is because when you apply pressure with your vaginal muscles, it decreases the amount of power being transmitted from the motor. Rumbling vibrations carry better throughout your body and do not dissipate with a little pressure.

The Rave by We-Vibe is made with silicone that has more drag than the other two g-spot vibrators previously mentioned. Due to this factor, I highly recommend using a high-quality water-based lubricant to ensure a smooth insertion. Once the toy is inserted, you can twist it for a broader area of stimulation, or if you prefer pinpoint stimulation on your g-spot, you can turn it the other way to achieve that! As with other g-spot vibrators you can, and are encouraged to thrust with this one. However, I found a unique pleasure in twisting its half-bulbous, half-tapered head against my G-spot.


The Rave has a unique shape that I have not seen in other toys. If you are unsure if you enjoy broad stimulation, as the Gigi 2 provides, the Rave can help you decide. The asymmetrical shape allows you to experiment with broad and pinpoint stimulation. The vibrations are deep and rumbling, and carry well through the entire toy - providing an energetic vibration deep within your body. Not only is the shape unique, but the buttons are easy to operate and simple to understand. While I would prefer it to be completely submersible, the Rave is still one of my favorite g-spot vibrators.

Easy To Use

4. Cuddle by OhMiBod 

4. Cuddle by OhMiBod 

OhMiBod is a company that specializes in toys that are aimed at a very femme market. The majority of their products are pink and girlie. The Cuddle g-spot vibrator is no exception. This adorable g-spot vibrator comes in a bright pink silicone with a bulbous head and a heart-shaped button. It is completely rechargeable, splash-proof, and features seven patterns, with the option to increase the intensity of each. It comes in a beautiful keepsake box and Includes a satin drawstring storage bag. Personally, I prefer to keep mine in the box. 

The Cuddle is seven and a half inches in total length, with only five of those being insertable, it also has a maximum circumference of four inches. The button at the base of the toy is an LED-lit heart and easy to navigate. The tilde (~) at the point of the heart is used to turn the device on and off, merely hold it down for a few seconds. Once the device is on, you can cycle through the preset patterns by pressing the tilde again or increase/decrease the intensity of the vibrations by using the plus and minus buttons in the humps of the heart. 

The head of the Cuddle is shaped to mimic a real penis, and the shaft is curved to hug all your curves perfectly. I have found that you can use the toy hands-free due to the shape of the curve, or easily thrust with it. The bulbous head provides a broad area of stimulation and the vibrations carry well throughout the toy and into my body. The vibrations are focused in the tip of the device, meaning that your vulva will not go numb when using this g-spot toy internally. Sadly, the vibrations are not nearly strong enough for a power-hungry individual, but they are enough to get the job done. If you are looking for a cheap way to get off, and do not need strong power behind your g-spot stimulation, this toy would be perfect for you!

As with the Mona, you will want to have some background noise going when using the Cuddle to help hide the noise. It is not irritatingly loud, but it is loud enough to arouse suspicion from roommates. Another downside I found to the Cuddle is that the controls are too easy to “bump” and change the setting during use. While they are easy to navigate and add a cute element to the device, I did find this flaw to be more than upsetting when nearing orgasm.


The Cuddle by OhMiBod has a great bulbous head, while it does not provide the versatility you find with the Rave, it still has a variety of options that any user would find enjoyable. You can use it hands-free or thrust with it to your heart's desire. The Cuddle is adorable and comes in a great storage box. It is sure to make you feel girlie and produce amazing orgasms. Sadly, it is not waterproof, and the buttons are placed in an area that makes it too easy to bump. Considering those are the only flaws I could find with this g-spot vibrator, I am more than happy to encourage you to buy it. 


5. Power Play 7 by LoveHoney

5. Power Play 7 by LoveHoney

My final choice for the top 5 best g-spot vibrators has to be the Power Play by LoveHoney. LoveHoney started as an online retailer, and now they also produce their own line of toys. The Power Play is the most affordable of my choices for this article, costing a mere thirty bucks. It features three vibration speeds and four patterns. It is not rechargeable (requires two AAA batteries that are not included) but it is waterproof. The Power Play measures at seven inches in overall length with five of those being insertable, and it has a four-inch circumference.

The curve of this g-spot vibrator is noticeably more angled than the other and makes it fantastic for firm pressure. Sadly, there is only one button on this g-spot toy that turns the toy on and off as well as cycles through the vibrations and patterns. This means if you pass the pattern or vibration intensity you were looking for, you will have to cycle back through the all of the seven options before getting back to the one you were looking for. The single button is also incredibly sensitive and placed in an inconvenient area. I cannot count how many times I have accidentally hit this button and changed the setting as I neared orgasm. This g-spot vibrator also does not have the option for a travel safety lock, so the few times I have carried it in my bag, it inevitably turns on. 

That being said, it does feature the memory recall that the Mona has. This means when you have finished with the device for the time being and turn it off when you pick it back up again, it will start up where you left off. Being a creature of habit and only enjoying one or two settings on most toys, this is my favorite feature. Unlike the Mona, and other g-spot vibrators on this list, you will want to rock the head of the toy slowly back and forth on your g-spot or twist the head inside of you rather than thrusting. I found thrusting to be painful and not worth the effort considering the shape of the curve found on this device. 

If you are unsure of g-spot stimulation and are looking for something cheap to explore a bit with, this is the best option for the price. While it is the only one on my list that is not rechargeable, it is waterproof and has a good bit of variety as far as pattern and vibrations go. 


Again, this is the cheapest and most curved toy on my list, but do not let them deter you. The Power Play 7 is fantastic for exploring what sort of g-spot stimulation and the steep curve allows for firm pressure that most of the other g-spot toys on this list are unable to provide. It also has the option to replace the batteries when the power level feels low, rather than waiting at the very least an hour for a full charge. Furthermore, for only thirty dollars, this toy is one of the few on my list that is fully waterproof - which is a significant turn on from me!

Buying guide

That was much information, so if you are still looking for your g-spot, that is ok. Remember, it is a sponge-like area located just inside the vaginal canal, about an inch or two in. Once you find it, if you have not already, you should experiment with different levels of pressure and if you have vibrating toys, see if you prefer the buzzier or rumbling variety. Knowing your body and what sort of stimulation you enjoy is pertinent to selecting a toy that is perfect for your body. If you are still unsure, I recommend starting with the Power Play 7 by LoveHoney. 

Vibrator Length & Your G-Spot

It is also important to note that you will want to know how deep your g-spot is. If you have a deep g-spot, you may want something with more of a curve than the Rave recommends, but if it is shallow, the Rave might be the perfect toy for your body. It was after a lot of trial and error that I was able to put together this comprehensive list of g-spot toys that are great for nearly any body type. If you find yourself going through trial and error with what you like concerning your g-spot, do not be discouraged. 

Why Splash/Waterproof

fWhen you are looking for a g-spot vibrator, it is best to go with one that is at the very least splashproof. Usually, when women begin exploring their g-spot, they learn that they can squirt. If you were to use a g-spot vibrator that did not have this feature, there is a chance you could mess up your toy. Personally, I prefer entirely waterproof, but splashproof is good enough if you do not plan on taking it in the shower or tub. Just be wary of where the charging point is. 

Why Silicone

At the beginning of this article, I said “ I want to note that all the toys on this list are 100% medical grade silicone and safe for internal use. Please do not put objects in your body that are not made for that purpose.” If you decide to sway from my list and search for a g-spot vibrator on your own, I highly recommend finding on that is 100% medical grade silicone. Silicone is non-porous and easy to clean. It has a little give to it and is safe to use with any lubricant. If you are worried about using a specific type of lube with your silicone toy, try a test spot on an unimportant part of the toy. 

Where to Buy

Another essential thing to take note of when shopping for a g-spot vibrator is the retailer you are purchasing from. Some retailers do not send discreet packages if this is important to you, be sure to check the website's policies on shipping. The sites linked to in this article ship discreetly, and I recommend them. It is also important to research the websites return policy. Many companies that sell g-spot vibrators, understandably, do not accept refunds due to the nature of the product. If this is important to you, you should look into the websites you purchase from.

Why not Amazon 

Furthermore, never purchase any g-spot vibrators or other sex toys from Amazon. The FDA does not regulate sex toys, and therefore manufacturers can put anything they want into the material, making the device harmful to use on your body - this is why I highly recommend 100% medical grade silicone. Amazon does not regulate fakes and such on their website, so you may think you are buying a We-Vibe Rave and get a knock off made with harmful materials. If you are unsure where to buy your g-spot vibrators from, the websites linked in this article are a safe bet.

Do I need Lube?

When exploring your g-spot, it is important that you use adequate amounts of lube to avoid rubbing yourself raw. Yes, that is an actual thing. If you use a water-based lubricant, it is important to reapply it when you feel it getting tacky. For g-spot play, I prefer a silicone-water-based hybrid as it tends to last longer and does not get as tacky. However, I am sure you already have a favorite lube sitting on your bedside table. When you are first discovering your g-spot, it may become sensitive after a long play session. This is merely a precaution I would recommend even people familiar with their g-spot take.

Can I really Squirt?

If you are still unsure about what type of stimulation you like and what sort of g-spot vibrator to buy, you can use this technique to see if it is even worth on the trouble. Get comfortable, ease your mind, and have a clitoral orgasm. Once you are completely melted and floating from the first orgasm, have your partner insert their forefinger and middle finger and crook them upward. 

This is where it gets tiring for your partner, but the outcome is worth it. Have your partner move their entire arm up and down, applying pressure and stimulation to your g-spot. Within minutes of starting this technique, you should come again. If done right, it can cause most people with g-spots to squirt. If you do achieve an intense orgasm or a squirting orgasm, you need to add a g-spot vibrator to your toy box. It is important to note here that g-spot stimulation can feel similar to needing to pee. It is an entirely different sensation from clitoral stimulation and clitoral orgasms. 

Which G-Spot Vibrator

Now that you know what you like and what you are looking for stimulation-wise, I recommend giving this article a once over again. To ensure that you find the best g-spot vibrator currently on the market for your body and your preferences. If you are still not sure, the Mona or the Wave g-spot vibrator is the way to go to get the most variety for your money.

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