5 Best Dildos for Beginners of 2020

These are the best 5 dildos for beginners in 2020 for you to try solo or with your partner.

5 Best Dildos for Beginners of 2020

Have you ever thought of stepping up your masturbation game, but you're not a huge fan of vibrators? Everyone knows the counterpart of vibrations come from the ever-popular dildos.

For starters, if you never tried anything aside from casual sex and intimate make-outs and you're admitting that you're still new to the world of sex toys, the best decision that you can do is to get your hands on dildos.

Dildos are meant for penetrating either your vagina or your anus. Some dildos can penetrate both at the same time, but before diving into the other types of dildos, why not venture into beginner-friendly dildos first?

Dildos for beginners are significantly different from regular dildos based on the size. You get a shorter length and a smaller circumference that can help you start with your new adventure. While this may be a turn-off to some, smaller guys are not made to disappoint! They are honed for beginners who want to unleash their kinky side without having to endure discomfort and pain from giant dildos!

If you consider yourself as a first-timer or beginner, it's unwise to get off the ground with huge dildos that have a longer shaft and thicker girth. Instead, look for the right one that best fits your experience and taste as you reach for the big O.

Despite this, most people don't know where to start at all. How can you find out if a dildo is beginner-friendly? What are the parameters to consider in finding out whether a toy is appropriate for first-timers or not? To get you going, we've compiled a list of top five best dildos for beginners. Aside from our list, check out the buying guide in picking the right beginner dildo for you, as well as our tips in using your next favorite sex toy collectible.

Best Overall

Lifelike Lover Classic Realistic Dildo 6 Inch

Lifelike Lover Classic Realistic Dildo 6 Inch

The best dildo for beginners is the Lifelike Lover Classic Realistic Dildo 6 Inch. This novice-friendly sex toy can maximize the pleasure that you've been longing for.

As for its size, it measures a length of 6 inches with 5 inches of insertable length, a circumference of 5 inches, and an O-ring diameter of 1.5 inches. Although some may consider the size average, this can hit your sweetest spot as a beginner as well. It's neither long nor thick. 

As for the material, the Lifelike Lover Classic Realistic Dildo 6 Inch is made from PVC plastic that claims to be latex-free, phthalate-free, and skin-safe. 

At a glance, it's in a fair skin tone that looks cool and refreshing to the eyes. The best thing that you'll definitely love about this product is its authenticity. The concave head is defined, and the shaft is full of details. There are creases on the first two inches of the shaft, and veins that make the dildo look real overall. The balls are textured as well, which is a great plus if you love to squeeze an attractive pair of testes.

Performance-wise, the Lifelike Lover Classic Realistic Dildo 6 Inch is a powerhouse of sensations. Get a crazy, wild ride with its bendable and flexible shaft for exciting foreplay encounters. It comes with a strong suction cup, which is ideal for arousing hands-free fun. You can stick it in the wall, chair, or table and feel the satisfaction of getting filled up. If you want to try it on with a partner, get your harness ready, and enjoy the thrill of a new bedroom play session.

Since this is made from PVC, don't forget to spread a great amount of water-based lube for enhanced internal stimulation.


All in all, the Lifelike Lover Classic Realistic Dildo 6 Inch has everything you need in a beginner dildo. The size is ideal for everyone who's still starting in their sex toy adventure. Appearance-wise, all the details make the dildo genuine. The defined head and the bendable shaft make a great pair together for helping you in reaching orgasms, on the whole, different levels. Whether you're going to mount it on the wall or use it with a strap-on, it's an excellent dildo for starters.

Best in Handiness

Lovehoney Slimline Silicone Suction Cup Dildo 5 Inch

Lovehoney Slimline Silicone Suction Cup Dildo 5 Inch

Are you looking for a simple, newbie-friendly and handy dildo? The Lovehoney Slimline Silicone Suction Cup Dildo 5 Inch got you covered!

Looking at its measurements, it has an insertable length of 5 inches and a maximum girth of 3 inches. The base diameter measures 2 inches, while the o-ring diameter measures 1.25 inches. This is an excellent starter for a pegging play. The size is strategic and ideal for beginners. You can pop it inside your bag or pocket without any hassle.

The Lovehoney Slimline Silicone Suction Cup Dildo 5 Inch is firm and smooth to the touch, thanks to the fact that it is made of silicone. It's latex-free and phthalate-free as well. Taking a look at its overall appearance, it's basically a black dildo with a flared suction base. The rounded tip is not the highlight, but the curved shaft that leans towards the side. It says that this dildo is meant to massage your g-spot and p-spot for a pleasant, soothing, and sensual stimulation. Unfortunately, there are no balls on this toy, but it has a flared suction cup that sticks firmly to any flat surface. In case you want to use it with your lover, take delight in feeling the shaft through a strap-on. Just like any silicone dildo, caress the head and the shaft with a quality water-based lube for an exhilarating beginner's play.


With Lovehoney Slimline Silicone Suction Cup Dildo 5 Inch, there's nothing too much to elaborate. However, it's worth mentioning that this is not a disadvantage. Beginners need a break on sex toys with complex features! If you're looking for a simple, compact, and handy beginner dildo, this is a recommended product to purchase. With its non-intimidating length and curved shaft, you'll learn how to stimulate your hotspots with ease and get a smile on your face for reaching a gratifying climax.

Most Versatile

BASICS Beginners Realistic Dildo Vibrator 5 Inch

BASICS Beginners Realistic Dildo Vibrator 5 Inch

If you think that this list is all about vaginal or anal penetration, you got it all wrong. Do you also fantasize about getting that tingling buzzes from vibrators? If so, the BASICS Beginners Realistic Dildo Vibrator 5 Inch can deliver penetration and external stimulation at the same time!

As for the measurements, it has a length of 5 inches with 4.5 inches of insertable length, a circumference of 4 inches and a base diameter of an inch. This dildo is small that it can fit in your hands. It is made from PVC, which claims to be phthalate-free. 

As for the looks, it's obviously made in a female-friendly design. The sleek, smooth finish of this violet dildo is pleasing to the eyes. It's neither too intimidating or lifeless at first glance. The head looks lifelike, which is ideal for hitting your erogenous zones. Despite its color, you'll still notice all the creases and veins that add a personal touch to this plaything. It doesn't only add value to its appearance, but also on its performance as well. Before getting hyped up with internal stimulation, take note that this one is also easy to insert inside your glory holes.

Unfortunately, there's no room available for a pair of balls, but know that it's not a total loss. As mentioned, the BASICS Beginners Realistic Dildo Vibrator 5 Inch is a two-in-one dildo and vibrator! Instead of testes, you get a twistable base that lets you enjoy its multi-speed vibrations. More twists on the base, and you'll find yourself getting those goosebumps from an earth-shattering orgasm. If you're worried that your neighbor might hear you, this mini vibe is quiet. For breathtaking sensations of internal and external play, add a generous amount of lube. However, if you're specifically giving your clitoris a buzzing treat, don't forget to pop in one AA battery at the panel before turning on the toy.


If you're still quite unsure about what your body wants, a dual-purpose sex toy might be the one you're looking for. The BASICS Beginners Realistic Dildo Vibrator 5 Inch has an ideal size that you can handle, an aesthetically-pleasing look with strategic features, and works as a vibrator as well! If you're torn between filling your insides with a dildo or buzzing your erogenous spots, it doesn't matter, as this product can do both!

Best Realistic Anal Dildo

Si Novelties Medium Penis Butt Plug 5 Inch

Si Novelties Medium Penis Butt Plug 5 Inch

Have you ever dreamed of stuffing your behind? Make your dreams come true by using a beginner dildo such as the Si Novelties Medium Penis Butt Plug 5 Inch. This product is recommendable for newbies and intermediate players who seek the pleasure of anal plays.

Based on its measurements, it has a length of 6 inches, with an insertable length of 5 inches. It measures 4.35 inches at its widest point, with a base diameter of 2.5 inches, and an o-ring diameter of an inch. All in all, the Si Novelties Medium Penis Butt Plug 5 Inch is somewhat thick for a beginner, but if you're up for the challenge, you can take it slow and feel the stretch of your bumhole.

It is made from firm, durable rubber that claims to be latex-free and phthalate-free. Unlike other dildos that claim to be realistic, this one is more believable. The peachy undertone makes it look sexy and tempting. Although honed as an upright toy, its irregular form makes it even more natural and lifelike. This penis butt plug has a pronounced head that aims to make you feel full. Add up the veins and glans that give a textured touch on the insides of your anus. All of these perks make this dildo similar to what a penis would look like, and how it should perform. The rubbery skin helps in easy insertion, and it's going to be more comfortable to use with a quality lubricant. Although it's marketed as a realistic dildo butt plug, the Si Novelties Medium Penis Butt Plug 5 Inch doesn't have balls at the base, as you would see a flared base instead. Despite this, the base is sturdy and easy to mount to all smooth surfaces. This can be a top-notch toy for strap-ons as well!


For potential anal play fans, the Si Novelties Medium Penis Butt Plug 5 Inch is a great toy to use. Its length is not intimidating, but the thick girth is perfect for people that are looking for a different thrill. For this matter, don't be afraid to be wet and slippery as you need a vast amount of lube to experience the optimal pleasure.

Best Ribbed Anal Dildo

Doc Johnson Crystal Jellies Ribbed Anal Starter Dildo 5 Inch

Doc Johnson Crystal Jellies Ribbed Anal Starter Dildo 5 Inch

Another newbie-friendly anal dildo sums up the list of best dildos for beginners. The Doc Johnson Crystal Jellies Ribbed Anal Starter Dildo 5 Inch is here to give your bum a titillating treat.

Starting from its size, it has an overall length of 6 inches, with an insertable length of 5 inches. It's 3.5 inches at its widest point, and it's base diameter measures 1.5 inches. Given that it's under the five-inch mark, this toy is suitable for beginners who want to explore the wonders of anal play.

The most noticeable thing about this toy is its overall appearance. Unlike realistic dildos, this one leans towards a female-friendly anal dildo. Pretty in pink, this plaything is made from PVC, which claims to be highly flexible, latex-free, and phthalate-free. Moreover, it's an advantage that it's transparent and smooth that easily glides inside your anus. The head is somewhat elongated and striking, which is effective in targeting your p-spot. However, the real deal about this toy is its four massaging beads that come in increments. Beads are divided through waists to help you prepare as you maximize the insertable length of the toy. Don't worry about getting the toy stuck inside you, as it comes with a flared, robust base that avoids that accidents of over-insertion. This toy is ideal, whether for solo-play or couples play through a wearable strap-on.

Although it's the best ribbed anal dildo for beginners, keep a bottle of water-based lube beside you and coat the dildo for a fun and successful introduction to anal sex.


Are you looking for a dildo that can give you a build-up of sensations? A ribbed anal dildo might be the one you've been looking for. The Doc Johnson Crystal Jellies Ribbed Anal Starter Dildo 5 Inch has the ideal size, pink transparent look, easy-to-insert shaft, and four incremental beads, best for thrilling anal plays.

Buying Guide: How to Choose the Best Beginner Dildo?

Going back to one of the first questions in the introduction, some people are still confused about how to find out whether a dildo is appropriate for beginners or not. If you're one of them, we truly feel you!

Dildos are one of the most popular toys on the market, and instead of finding the right one on a quick search, you might end up browsing on a multitude of sex toys around the Internet. To get started, take note of these considerations in choosing your best picks under this sex toy category.

  • Size

A toy is beginner-friendly if it's small. Well, whether you're a first-timer or a newbie with several encounters, it's still the safest bet to opt for a small dildo. A good rule of thumb to follow is the range of 4-6 inches of length and 3-4.5 inches of girth. Exceed in this range, and there are bigger chances that you'll feel uncomfortable and frustrated. 

Don't worry, as it's valid to start small! These are baby steps that will make you more experienced and pro in the future. For now, enjoy what you have and make the most out of it!

  • Material

When it comes to the material, you can take a pick among silicone, rubber jelly, and PVC. All materials have pros and cons, and we'll leave the decision to you. However, the bottom line is that choose a toy that has no harmful substances which are not safe for your skin. 

Aside from this, you should opt for one with a smooth texture, together with a well-balanced quality of flexibility and rigidity. You can't opt for a highly flexible cock toy as it resembles a penis of a man who's struggling to have a hard-on, and at the same time, an overly-rigid toy can become a tool for rough play sessions. Instead of having fun in your sex toy quest, you might be disappointed.

  • Appearance

Setting the aesthetics aside, appearance is essential. Sure, you'll definitely buy an attractive dildo that might resemble your lover's cock or something that has your favorite color in it, but there's more to these characteristics. 

The best thing you can do is to have a keen eye for details. Why? The looks add value to its performance. In other words, appearance and performance come hand in hand. Start with the head, down to the shaft, balls, and the base. Ensure that the head is ideal for stimulating your hotspots, the shaft and balls are better with fine lines, creases, and veins. Lastly, suction cup bases should be sturdy enough to keep the dildo in place as you move around during hands-free foreplay. 

Tips to Remember in Using Beginner Dildos

Ready to use a dildo for the first time? Take note of these helpful tips in making the most out of your sex toy.

  • Get wet and horny before anything else!

In a nutshell, getting turned on is a must. This applies to any type of sex toy that you want to buy. No matter how bad you want to try using the toy, it's not going to work if your body dictates otherwise.

Before attempting to insert the toy inside your body, get yourself on the mood, own your body, and live up to it! If you're with your partner, know that it's going to be fun!

  • Take it slow.

For starters, you can't simply insert it inside your glory hole in an instant. You have to take it to slow instead. Rub the head against your erogenous zones, tease your sweet spots, and take your time to prepare. When you're ready, insert it gradually either on your vagina or anus, and start with slow and subtle thrusts.

  • Use lube.

Given that you're still a newbie or a first-timer, lube is a requirement. Although people lubricate, toys need extra lubrication for easy insertion and penetration. Apply a generous amount of lube on the head, shaft, and balls before insertion. In a nutshell, water-based lubes are the best way to go. However, for silicone-based lubes, pairing it with a silicone sex toy is a major no-no. 

Meanwhile, if you want to try stimulating your p-spot, always opt for a lube with thicker consistencies such as silicone and oil-based variants.

  • Condoms are also necessary under certain conditions.

In reality, you can use a dildo without a condom. However, if you use one on your vagina and anus at the same time, or you share it with your partner, let your toy wear protection. This is essential for sanitation purposes, and at the same time, it lessens the risk of sexually transmitted diseases.

  • Know the difference between vaginal and anal dildos.

Whether you're a newbie or not, this is something that you should remember. All dildos can be inserted inside your vagina, but not all are meant for your behind. 

Take note that anal dildos have flared bases intended for preventing any incident of over-insertion. If you're going to insert a vaginal dildo with a narrow base diameter inside your bum, it's dangerous! This is why it's best not to use a dildo interchangeably and stick to their main purposes.

  • Keep your dildo hygienic.

You'll surely be going to use a dildo on your next sexual encounters in the future, and you don't want to insert a dirty one inside your body. Thus, keep it hygienic!

There are several ways of cleaning sex toys, and it depends on the dildo that you're going to buy. Some packages include cleaning instructions, and some don't. Despite this, you can use anti-bacterial sprays to remove all the lubrication and moisture on the toy. Some can be popped into the dishwasher, and some can be sterilized by putting it in boiling water.

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