5 Best Vibrating Panties of 2020

Vibrating panties bring a whole new level of excitement to sexual play. Since most of them are designed not to be heard when in use and are meant to be used in public, you can experience public play without the risk of getting caught!

5 Best Vibrating Panties of 2020

Do you want to incorporate public play into the relationship, but having sex in an alleyway sounds more terrifying than arousing? You have probably considered all of the usual paths from an empty movie theater to restaurants that have tablecloths. I remember listing off ideas to my partner, and he turned down each one as being “too risky.” That was until I read about a woman who enjoyed wearing vibrating panties and allowing her partner to control them when they were out.

Beforehand, we had tried the same concept with eggs, but the connection was not secure enough for us to use it the way we wanted. Shortly after we got out first vibrating panty toy, we were addicted. Most of them are worn in your panties and rest against your outer labia and clitoral area. They come with a remote that your partner can use from a ranged distant. They can turn the device on and off, as well as change the settings and intensities. 

While this is the norm for most vibrating panties, they all come with their bells and whistles. Below, I have listed the top five best vibrating panties that are currently on the market. 

Best Vibrations

1. Club Vibe 2.oh by OHMIBOD

1. Club Vibe 2.oh by OHMIBOD

The Club Vibe 2.oh by OHMIBOD is one of the best remote control vibrating panties on the market. They come with a one size fits all pair of panties that the vibrating bit slips into to. The panties were a bit big for me, but I found that the vibrating portion of the wireless vibrating panties fits perfectly into the cotton strip at the crotch of most women’s underwear. 

The box the Club Vibe 2.oh remote vibrating panties comes in is not very discreet. It boasts about the features of the device and even has a picture of the device on the front. The vibrator itself is three and three-quarters of an inch long, one and one-quarter of an inch wide, and half an inch thin. It only weighs 2.3 oz. While there is a noticeable bulge in your panties to you, it would be difficult for a passerby to notice anything abnormal.

The vibrating portion of this set is rechargeable via a USB cable that is included in the box. It takes approximately two to three hours to charge and provides the wearer with up to four hours of play time. The remote for this test requires a lithium-ion 3.7V with 200mAH battery - thankfully, this is included in the box! Both pieces fit together to form a rather large egg shape but are cute and discreet if left out. 

It is made with premium grade hypoallergenic non-toxic, non-porous ABS black plastic and has a pink PU coating on the side that rests against your body for a velvety finish. The box includes a storage pouch to keep your device in, and I find this handy for when we are still out but are done playing with it. The control has a range of fifteen to twenty feet and features five intensity levels for Club (ambient) mode. You can switch between ambient and manual mode using the remote. The manual mode features five amazing patterns, and sadly your partner will not be able to feel what you are feeling and may have to guess based on your reactions. 

The most fantastic feature of the Club Vibe 2.oh vibrating panties is that you can set it to ambient mode, and the device will vibrate in tune whatever noises are around you. This means, if you go to the club, these vibrating panties will get you off to the DJ. While the Club Vibe 2.oh is not waterproof, you can use water based lubes with it and clean it with a premium antibacterial solution or mild soap, warm water, and a lint-free cloth. 

The strength of the vibrations are pretty strong, and only feel more intense when you can push the device against your body. Sadly, if you try to use a bench or seat in a restaurant to push it into your body, it will sound like a cell phone going off and may alert your server. I have found that this device is best used in a noisy setting. 


The Club Vibe 2.oh remote vibrating panties are by far the best on this list. The battery for the remote is included, and the vibrator is USB rechargeable. Switching between the patterns and modes is easy. The club mode is unlike anything else on this list and is sure to help you get off to the base at the club (which is a fantastic experience!). While the remote battery does die quickly, you can order them in bulk on Amazon. The only actual downfall to this toy is that some people may find the vibrator to be a bit too bulky. 

Best Waterproof

2. Desire Rechargeable Panty Vibrator by LoveHoney

2. Desire Rechargeable Panty Vibrator by LoveHoney

The Desire is another rechargeable panty vibrator that includes a pair of genuine “one-size fits all” panties. While some may find there to be too much or too little fabric in the actual panties, you can adjust them via the satin ribbons on the sides to make them fit your body as best as possible. Sadly, the pouch gives too much room for the vibrator to move around, so you may find that walking with the vibrator in the panties to be dissatisfying. 

These wireless vibrating panties come with a case to help protect your device from heat, direct sunlight, and dust. Also, it includes a USB cable, that fits into the case, for discreet charging. A full charge requires one hundred and twenty minutes, and this will provide you with equal amounts of play time. The best feature of these vibrating panties with remote is that it has a travel lock to give you peace of mind when traveling. 

The vibrator itself has a circumference of four and a half inches and a length of four inches, and it is shaped to hug your curves perfectly. The remote is small and fits comfortably in the palm of your hand. It features an increase and decrease button, as well as a power button. There are twelve speeds and eight patterns available to choose from, and you can be up to eight meters away from the remote, although I have found that the further you get from the remote - the less responsive the vibrator is. 

The vibrator itself is waterproof, which is one of my favorite features, but sadly, the remote is only splashproof and should not be submerged in water. The remote also requires a CR2032 battery, which thankfully, is included. The being said, this panty vibrator is fantastic to use in the pool with your partner controlling the vibrations from the poolside. 

There is a light on the vibrator that can be seen through some clothing, so if you plan to go out in the Desire Rechargeable Panty Vibrator, be aware of this. The light tells you when the device is fully charged and when it is turned on. Personally, I am not too fond of this feature as it limits what I can wear and I can feel when it is turned on. I would enjoy this vibrating panty more if the remote was responsive, but as with the first one on this list, your partner is in the dark as to what setting they are on.


The cute case that the Desire Rechargeable Panty Vibrator comes in almost makes the entire package! Thankfully, they included more than just a lovely, discreet charging and storage case. These vibrating panties are perfect for a night out on the town or by the pool (do not get the remote wet). It is perfectly shaped to sit between your labia and caress your labia minora and clitoral area. The case, the beautiful color, and the adorable panties make this set worth every penny. I highly recommend this one if the bulkiness of the first one turns you off.

Perfect Shape

3. Petite Panty Teaser by CALEXOTICS

3. Petite Panty Teaser by CALEXOTICS

This is the only vibrating panties with remote on my list that does not include a pair of panties. Instead, this set comes with a vibrator similar to a pad with wings on it. You simply clip the vibrator into any pair of panties that you already own, and you are good to go. It is discreetly designed to nestle against your labia and be used with your favorite pair of panties. The magnetic tabs are powerful and securely fold into place, and you do not have to worry about it slipping out of place as you do with the other wireless vibrating panties on my list of The Best “Vibrating Panties” In 2019.

The vibrator features a high curve and detailed ridges that direct intense vibrations into your labia and clit. The Petite Panty Teaser is designed to hit all of your sweet spots with pinpoint accuracy. The remote is discreet, small enough to hide, and fits perfectly in the palm of your hand. There is a single button on the remote that turns the device on, cycles through the twelve functions, and turns the device back off again. You can use the remote up to ten meters away. Alternatively, use the vibrator without the remote via the button on the back of the device. 

The vibrating portion is rechargeable, but the remote requires a lithium-ion battery, which is included. Also, like other remote vibrating panties on this list, the remote is not waterproof, but the vibrator is. The remote is made with ABS plastic, and the vibrator is designed with silicone, making it slip across the skin smoothly. While the vibrations can get intense, so can the noise, I do not recommend using the Petite Panty Teaser in a quiet setting or a setting where there may be breaks in the sound. I would use it while on a long car ride or at the club.

Sadly, this is not a one size fits all situation. Even though they snap into any pair of panties, if your panties have more fabric, you may find that the tabs do not fit correctly. If you find this to be the case, you can use the toy without panties during foreplay or with a special pair of panties just for this use. Charging the Petite Panty Teaser for sixty minutes will provide you with seventy minutes of play time. 


If you are in the market for something that is waterproof and has a decent range, the Petite Panty Teaser is the best product on this list. I love that it snaps into most panties and that the magnets help to keep it snugly in place. With strong vibrations comes loud noise, but it is worth it to have this gem in your toy box for those boring road trips or for spicing up those long nights at the club. I recommend keeping the remote batteries on the stock as it does tend to drain the battery quickly, but otherwise, it keeps a great connection.

Beautiful and Classy

4. Fifty Shades Freed My Body Blooms Rechargeable Panty Vibrator with Remote

4. Fifty Shades Freed My Body Blooms Rechargeable Panty Vibrator with Remote

Fifty Shades of Grey brought on an entirely new level of sex toys, and that includes vibrating panties. The panties are made with satin and stretch lace, they are made the fit multi-sizes and tie on with ribbon ties that flatter your figure. They feature a beautiful cut out in the back that makes me feel sexy any time I wear them, and it is said that the design is inspired by the passion from the film “Fifty Shades of Grey.” The remote-controlled vibrator nestles inside a pocket located in the crotch of the panties and is perfectly positioned for optimal pleasure.

These vibrating panties arrive in a beautiful box that includes the device, the remote, the panties, a USB charger, and a gorgeous satin storage bag. The remote works up to eight meters away, but depending on what is between the device and the remote can mess with the signal. The remote cycles through eight patterns and twelve speeds, but as with the previous two, there is no remote feedback for the person holding the controller. The vibrator and the remote are both made with silicone and are smooth to the touch. Sadly, once again, only the vibrator is waterproof, do not get the controller wet.

These vibrating panties are super quiet, but if you sit on them wrong on a hard surface, like with the previous ones, there is a chance your server or unaware company may hear them. I have found that I enjoy this set when I am playing by myself because it is easy to control, although, if you have larger fingers, you may find the buttons difficult to press. Sadly, one hundred and twenty minutes of charge time will only get you an hour of play time. While this is irritating and somewhat disappointing, I did enjoy that this set did have a travel lock feature.

Considering that both the remote and the vibrating panty are silicone, cleaning these two is easy. I keep wipes on my bedside table and in my purse, when I am done using any silicone toy that is not entirely waterproof, I wipe them down with an antibacterial wipe. If they are waterproof, gentle soap and warm water work well. I would keep this set out of direct sunlight and heat. The panties are even easier to clean, throw them in the wash and you are good to go.


You have read all the books, watched all the movies, and are eagerly waiting for the next thing to drop by E.L. James. While you wait, enjoy allowing your partner to tease you in public with the vibrating panties inspired by the book: the Fifty Shades Freed My Body Blooms Rechargeable Panty Vibrator with Remote. The elegant color and discreet remote makes this the perfect gift for a new submissive or Domme. Relive your favorite public scenes from Fifty Shades of Grey with this beautiful vibrating panty. So when that next movie drops, entice your lover into going with you, by handing them the remote. 

Best Value

5. Lovehoney Hot Date 10 Function Remote Control Vibrating Black Thong

5. Lovehoney Hot Date 10 Function Remote Control Vibrating Black Thong

Before we get into the details of the Lovehoney Hot Date 10 Function Remote Control Vibrating Black Thong, I do want to make a note that this remote and vibrator set comes with two other designs of panties on the Lovehoney website. Since I bought the thong variety, that is the style I will be discussing. However, the site also has a one-size fits all and a plus size variety, both featuring the same vibrator and remote that I will be talking in this section. If you do choose to go with another panty size, I suggest checking the recommended sizes listed on the website.

Unlike the previously discussed vibrator panty sets, this one features a bullet style vibrator, and you can slip this into the cotton patch at the bottom of the panties or your vaginal canal. The ribbon-tie back panties are made with pink cerise satin that contrasts beautifully with the black floral stretch lace. They have advertised as one-size fits all, and I was worried about the ribbons becoming looser during use, but they held up surprisingly well, and it is easy to adjust them to your size. The website boasts that they fit sizes four through twelve. The remote and bullet are both made with ABS plastic and have no give to them.

Also unlike the previously mentioned vibrating panties, this set is not rechargeable. The bullet requires three LR44 batteries, and the remote requires one CR2032 battery, thankfully all of these are included. Again, the bullet is completely waterproof, but the remote should be kept dry. If you do need to clean the remote, use an antibacterial wipe. This set has ten patterns and six intensity levels for each pattern. The remote only reaches a range of five meters, and that does depend on if anything is obscuring the signal. I have found that having the bullet inserted in my body rather than rest in the panties decreases the distance I can be away from the remote.

The noise level on this vibrating panty set is incredibly quiet, and I found it comfortable to use in public without fear of someone guessing what was going on. Sadly, my partner did not have the same experience. He found that the remote was not discreet enough to openly use and found himself fumbling to keep it hidden while trying to tease me. This set is different from the others on my list. 


I love that the Lovehoney Hot Date 10 Function Remote Control Vibrating Black Thong has three options for panty styles. This is the most diverse and accommodating vibrating panty on my list. It is also the only bullet remote control vibrating panties on my list, but it has more than earned its place here, being the most affordable for the functions it provides. If you are not open to trying a DIY version but want to experience the pleasure and rush of vibrating panties, I cannot recommend this set enough for you!

Buying Guide

Vibrating panties bring a whole new level of excitement to sexual play. Since most of them are designed not to be heard when in use and are meant to be used in public, you can experience public play without the risk of getting a ticket (or worse) for indecent exposure. I have used them during dinner, during parties, at the movie theater, and so many more places. They are fantastic for keeping me ready for when we get home and can be used in so many different ways! Now that you have an idea of the best products currently on the market let’s discuss some points to consider when you are shopping for your own wireless vibrating panties.

Size of Panties

One size fits all sounds great until it is too tight in the front and saggy in the back. When you are looking for a pair of remote control vibrating panties be sure to check the measurements of the actual panties. You want to look for something with adjustable ties or stretchy fabric. If it is offered in different styles, like the Lovehoney Hot Date 10 Function Remote Control Vibrating Black Thong, be sure to check each style for the recommended size. Always be aware of what your size is and measure that up against the suggestions on the website. If there is not a suggested size, check the reviews or contact the website.

Where the Vibrator is Located

Some Bluetooth vibrating panties are just eggs or bullets that do not come with a pair of panties at all. When you are looking at a pair of vibrating panties with remote you want to double check that the device is wireless and see if there is a pouch in the panties for the vibrator. It is important to take note of where the vibrator will sit against your body or if it is a bullet, like the Lovehoney Hot Date, and is designed to be inserted into your body. Knowing where the vibrator goes helps a lot when deciding what remote control vibrating panties is best for you.

Vibrating Intensity vs. Noise

I find that a light teasing vibration is enough to keep me wet and ready, but others need a stronger buzz to get and keep them there. When you are looking at vibrating panties with remote, be sure to know what sort of vibrations you enjoy and what time of simulation you are looking for. Since stronger vibrations usually mean more noise, keep in mind where you will be using the wireless vibrating panties and just how much you are willing to share with unsuspecting others. Keep in mind, and the noise level can change depending on how hard you are pushing the toy against your body and if it is insertable or not.


Something I did not mention previously, is that many remote vibrating panties have a pocket in the crotch that may fit bullets or vibrators from other companies. So if you find that you love the Club Vibe 2.oh panties, but prefer the vibrations of the Desire Rechargeable Panty Vibrator you may be able to swap the two. If this is something that interests you, be aware of the pocket size when purchasing new Bluetooth vibrating panties. I have found that even the pocket in my regular panties is good enough to hold my We-Vibe Tango and it makes for an amazing night. 

Try It Out

Speaking of, if you are unsure if vibrating panties are for you, get a regular pair of panties, a cheap (but strong) bullet and slip the bullet (turned on, of course) into the pocket of your panties and hit the town. You will not get the experience of having your partner control your pleasure while you wear it, but it will give you a taste of the experience to help you decide if vibrating panties are right for you! If you discover that you do not enjoy being aroused in public, you did not waste a ton of money. On the other hand, you may find that you love it and start a new collection of the best vibrating panties on the market!

“White Label” Sex Toys

White label means that there is not a brand behind the toy. Be aware of these types of companies as most of the toys are mass produced offshore and are cheap. You get what you pay for with these. White label sex toys are usually bulky, do not fit right, are too loud, and not nearly as strong enough. The price tag may be tempting, but getting a toy that is not right for anyone has the potential of turning you away from all sex toys. It is just best to avoid white label toys altogether and go for something suggested on this list.

Somethings to Remember

Avoid vibrating panties that are not made by a well-known company. They are usually not excellent quality, and you should shop carefully. Check reviews to make sure that the remote control is easy to turn on and off, just in case something happens, and you do not want to be in the middle of an emergency with a vibrator going off in your panties. Check for a decent remote range and look at reviews to see how much interference the device can take before it stops responding. Always double check if it is rechargeable or if it requires batteries. Most require batteries that are hard to find.

Make sure that the device is made of safe body material, ABS plastic and silicone are usually safe bets. Also, make sure that the panties are your size. Just because the website boasts, the panties are “one-size fits all” does not mean they do not have a range of sizes that you may fall only on the outside of. Check reviews to see what sort of vibrations the toy puts off and make sure it lines up with your needs. On that note, make sure that the toy is quiet! You do not want to get to the highest setting and confuse or scare your server.

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