What Is Anal Sex And How To Do It

What Is Anal Sex And How To Do It

Anal sex is when you choose to stimulate the rectal area with a sex toy or penis. Women can achieve orgasms through anal stimulation, over 80% of women having anal sex reach climax. Do you ask yourself how is this possible?

The wall between the vagina and the anal passage is pretty thin so the vaginal stimulation while anal stimulation is a great experience to try out.

Men possess a P-spot, the prostate which is located few centimeters into the anus. When stimulated, great sensation comes to every experience. Women possess the G-spot in the vagina, but it still feels fantastic to stimulate the nerves of the sphincter. While this may sound like a lot of work, you can use anal sex toys to help you out in achieving an orgasm. As an example, the partner can stimulate the anal area while you use a vibrator on yourself on the clitoral area.

How to have anal sex - Step by step

The key to success in anal sex is both partners to feel 100% comfortable with doing it. When you feel ready to start, you or your partner may begin to stimulate the anal area.Never, but never start your first experience straight with a penis or dildo. You need to start small, with a small butt plug. Try to do sessions of 15 mins and then let your muscles relax. Two or three days should do the trick.

Start easy on anal stimulation

Once you’ve you are familiar to the butt plug, you can move forward to fingers stimulation. Here are some tips on how to do it:

  • Always use a water based lube because the anal area doesn’t lubricate like the vagina. On the market can be found anal specific lube, that it’s thicker and last longer.
  • Relax and breath slowly when you are being penetrated and try not to clench your muscles
  • First, the anus should be penetrated around the rim. That’s where most of the ending nerves are, and it should be stimulating enough for a first experience.
  • Ask for your partner to use slow and smooth moves, the rapid movements for clitoral stimulation doesn’t apply to the rectal area.

It’s hard for women to climax just from anal stimulation so feel free to use sex toys for clitoral stimulation or vaginal one. Very Important – Use different condoms when switched from anal to vaginal because the women can get infections if not being taking care of. Baby wipes are good enough to clean the fingers or penis if you don’t use condoms.

Move on to anal sex

Now that you have decided to go and try anal sex, here are some rules for you both to get the best anal experience.

  • Give yourself enough time for the foreplay because it will be painful and uncomfortable if you are not turned on.
  • Use the play, finger, licking, tongue, small anal sex toys as insert tools before the actual anal sex with your partner.
  • Use a lot of lubricants! The anus doesn’t produce any natural lubes and if you forget to use lubes, it may cause tissue tearing and pain or injury.
  • You will need to try to be in control because only you will know when your body is prepared for anal sex and be relaxed enough.
  • Make sure that you empty your bowels before anal sex, and you are clean before the anal sex. Use condoms especially if the partner is new.

Anal sex positions

Cowgirl - Place your legs on either side of the partner and set the speed yourself.

Doggy Style - This is the most popular beginner position for anal sex. The access is, and it gives you the best way to change your positions how you feel comfortable.

Face to Face - Start with your partner sitting on the edge of the bed as you mount his lap, face to face. You being on the top will be able to control the penetration depth. Also, this position is great because your partner can stimulate your nipples or clitoris.

Missionary Twist - In this position, you have to place your legs on his shoulders – this may require a bit of flexibility due to the possible pressure from him.

On the tummy - Lie on your belly with a pillow placed underneath your stomach. This will lift your ass and give him easy access to anal sex.

After the first time of anal sex, you may have a bowel movement, and it’s much likely you will evacuate a mix of feces, lubricant, and semen (if you didn’t use a condom). This signals your body that it needs to get rid of the bodily fluids.

The noises of gas are normal during anal sex because, during sex, the air is pushed inside your body and then are expelled out like noise effects.

If you know that you will have anal sex later that day, try to eat lightly so you can avoid embarrassing incidents during sex.

However clean you anus thing, accidents may happen so make sure that this won’t kill your buzz. Always keep wet wipes near you so you can pass the awkward moment.

There are many lubes on the market but make sure that you get the most suitable one for the type of sex that you will have. For anal sex, there is special lubes, thicker and last longer on the skin. Try to avoid the ones that numb the anus because you will not know when you push your body too far. It’s best to feel a bit of pressure so you won’t risk anything.

Extreme anal sex can sometimes cause anal fissures to sensitive people. You should always be careful with your health, but in this case, your sexual health must be monitored if you notice bleeding. A fissure is a tear in the delicate rectal lining, but it’s treatable. If this happens, you need to pay a visit to your doctor or to a sexual health clinic.

Anal play

Analingus is the act of stimulating the anus with your mouth, lips, and tongue. Sure, the analingus requires that the anal area to be very clean or the experience will be not pleasing for the one giving it. Make sure that you thoroughly clean the anal area before trying this out.

Here how’s how to perform analingus on a partner:

  1. Get him/her on their stomach and proceed to massage the cheeks of their bum.
  2. After a while, you can start to get closer to the anus with your fingers slowly.
  3. Make sure that your position is comfortable so you can give your partner the best sensations that he/she can get.
  4. Breath and blow air on the area which will stimulate and excite your partner.
  5. Use your fingers and tongue to lick, rub and push against the general area.
  6. Use anti-bacterial mouthwash after you perform analingus to kill any bacteria.

How to clean/douch anal area for beginners

Douching the anal area can help you feel more clean and confident before trying anal sex with your partner. Douching tools are similar to the ones for the vaginal douches. You fill the container with water, insert the spout into your anal entrance and squeeze the water inside you.

It is essential to do this only when you want to have anal sex, not all the time because all the bacterias, good and bad will be destroyed. Don’t use chemical enemas or saline liquids for vaginal use because it can cause diarrhea.

Now that you have some excellent tips go forward and give it a try with your partner. Good luck and enjoy the experience.