Guide On How To Use Anal Beads

Guide On How To Use Anal Beads

Anal beads, also called anal balls, are the kind of a sex toy that comes in a series of balls fixed on a flexible or solid neck. Anal balls have a range of sizes and materials, but most of them are made of silicone or plastic. The balls start small at the end of the toy and progress into being bigger up further the neck.

Some anal beads are vibrating for extra sensations. Beads usually have a handle at the base which prevents the toy from losing inside your body.

As any other anal sex toy, you need to check it’s material and quality to make sure that it will not harm your body. Choose to pay a little bit more for better quality and to ensure a great and safe sensation.

Are anal beads for women or men?

Definitely both! Women and men can use anal beads for extra pleasure while having sex.

Anal beads are not the same as butt plugs?

No, it's not the same thing. The anal plug provides a very different sensation than the anal beads. The purpose of the butt plugs is to insert them into the anus and leave them there while having sex and the anal beads are meant to be moved in and out of your anus while having sex.

The anal beads are meant to be inserted one at the time for the same feeling that you have with the butt plug, but half goes the fun is while removing the anal beads. The movement of the anal beads will stimulate the nerves of the sphincter’s endings and give you a great sensation.

Avoid the beads that have a nylon string!!!

Some anal beads on the market have the beads in a series on balls knotted on a nylon string. These are low quality, and I don’t recommend them at all because the string is really difficult to be cleaned appropriately. If you already bought it and want to give it a try, you must use a condom to prevent from getting it dirty.

Also, the knots on the nylon string may feel uncomfortable when you insert the toy into your rectum.

You can find a lot of not expensive beads, made of silicone or solid plastic that is going to be much easier to clean, last longer and are more comfortable to use.

How to use anal beads - step by step

1. Inspect the beads

Before using any kind of sex toys, it is necessary to check the toys carefully when you unbox them. Wash them really good and check for sharp edges, tears, and cracks. If your beads are made of non-porous material, you need to check them for holes of small parts on material missing. If you can see any flaws, don’t use them.

2. Get ready to use the anal beads

As for the most things in life, it’s very important to be prepared to do this and prepare your body as well. While being spontaneous is great, it is important to be ready for the experience with the anal beads. As with the other anal sex toys, it’s necessary to clean your bowels and the anal area as well.

3. Lube, lube, lots of lube!

Anal lubes are very important, and it would be easier for you if you would choose the one for anal sex, not for regular sex. The anus doesn’t lubricate like the vagina, and it can be really painful to do it without a proper lube. Spread it generously on the anus and on the sex toy as well.

4. Gently goes the right way.

After you have cleaned up and lubed you and the toy, you’re good to go! It is recommended that your first anal beads experience to be done alone so you can understand what do you like and to get used to the sensation before letting anyone else play with you and the anal beads. When you’re ready to start, introduce the first small bead. It will give you a nice, gentle and pleasant sensation that can be combined with clitoral stimulation.

As you become more and more aroused, introduce another bead while massaging your clitoris. You should get into the zone as the stimulation of the sensitive nerves endings in your sphincter act as a fantastic accompaniment to your masturbation session. Keep on adding yet more balls as your sphincter loosens.

5. Get ready for the climax!

After you have done inserting all the beads and all that is left out is the handle of the anal beads, savor the full sensation as you stimulate other parts of your body. If the beads you are using are vibrating as well, men will experience a stronger sensation as the P-spot is really sensible. No worries ladies, the vibrating beads give you great sensation as well when you use a vibrator or clitoral stimulator.

When you feel that you are about to climax, start to pull the beads out, one by one. You will get an orgasm like you never thought possible.

Once you have become familiar with the anal beads, you are now prepared to introduce your partner as well. The possibilities of arousing yourself are endless at this point. You can leave your partner to handle the beads while giving you a blowjob at the same time.

Once the anal beads are in place, feel free to have sex. The double penetration sensation for women is the new peak in great sensations. The more comfortable you feel, you can both wear the anal beads and try a 69 and when you feel you will climax, gently pull out the beads of each other.

6. Be clean!

As always, hygiene is the primary key for awesome fun! It’s best to use an antibacterial sex toy cleaner after each play session. If you intend to share the anal beads, it’s safe to place a condom on them and be protected from the bacterias.

Women shouldn’t interchange the toys from anal to vaginal as many bacterias can cause infections.

All that is left to say now is: ENJOY!